Oral Presentation Guideline



  • Please MUST comply with the lecture time policy, all the presentations (invited lecture, Oral, Case and IYIA presentation) will be strictly requested to upload the slides at least 2 hours before the session of your presentation at the Speaker Ready Room (Lobby, 1F., TICC / 203 A, 2F., TICC / Room 4, 2F., TWTC), no personal laptop nor Mac will be allowed to present at the congress. In addition, in order to well control the schedule, the session room staff will blackout the screen when the presentation time is up.
  • Please arrive at your session room at least 20 minutes before your session starts to meet the chair and re-confirm your presentation slides.
  • The congress staff will present at session room to provide any relevant assistance.
  • The session room will be equipped with one laptop (installed with Windows 7, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010) and a LCD projector.
  • Please prepare a backup copy in the USB drive or CD-ROM for your slides and video clips in case any unexpected error occurs.
  • The certificate for oral presentation will be given after the presentation is complete.
  • For IYIA & Case Competition:
  • IYIA Winner Award: USD1,000
  • Case Competition Award: USD400 for 1st place; USD300 for 2nd place; USD200 for 3rd place. (Session 4 & 13)
  • Case Competition Award: USD400 for 1st place; USD300 for 2nd place. (Session 5 & 6)
  • All the award will be under the Taiwan Government Income Tax Policy. (20% of total amount will be deducted as income tax for the overseas recipient)
  • To collect the award, please go to the registration desk during the opening hour and all the award recipients will be required to present the documents (Passport for overseas and ID card for domestic participants) for receiving the award.

Speaker Ready Room Service Hours


Service Hours


Thursday, May 17


Lobby (1F), TICC

203 A (2F), TICC

Room 4 (2F), TWTC

Friday, May 18


Saturday, May 19


Sunday, May 20


*Service hours may be subject to change slightly upon final arrangement.